Sense and sensibility - Jane Austen

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After Mr. Dashwood?s death, his wife and three daughters: Elinor, Marianne, and young Margaret, find themselves forced to abandon their possessions in Norland as a result of Mr. Dashwood?s first son inheriting the whole fortune. Relatives from Barton Cottage offer to lodge them in a house which is much more modest than they have ever known. Elinor and Marianne will discover love, but also the pain that results from not being loved back. Marianne romantically falls into disenchantment and despair while Elinor follows reason?s ruling and keeps admirable composure of herself at confronting her feelings. Jane Austen, besides criticizing society?s hypocrisy and women?s marginalization, provides Elinor and Marianne with wisdom, sensibility and fascination making the novel a classic in universal literature.